Upcoming Programs & Events


ALGBTICO at the All Ohio Counselors Conference (AOCC):

Look for us at AOCC!

November 6-8, 2019, Columbus, OH: ALGBTICO will be announcing their activities at AOCC soon!

ALGBTICO Presents:

Annual Becoming an Agent of Change Workshop

March 16, 2019, Toledo, Ohio: ALGBTICO will be providing the 6th Annual Becoming an Agent of Change: Current Issus and Practical Tips for Practitioners working with Sex, Sexuality, Affectionality, and Gender Minorities. To register, cllick here.




Special Committee on Education Materials:

ALGBTICO  has established a special committee to create user-friendly education materials on LGBQ+ and Trans* issues. Information on core diversity elements, appropriate use of the LGBTQQIA Counseling Competencies (as established by national ALGBTIC), and much more are in development. Check back later as all materials will be available for download here!