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By becoming a member of ALGBTICO you have the opportunity to work with counselors throughout the state on improving the counseling services provided to members of the LGBQ+ and Trans communities and their allies.  We work not only to address needs of counselors on becoming more equipped and knowledgeable on how to work  effectively with their clients but also advocate for the LGBQ+ and Trans communities. Members also have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the  organization by joining one of our sub-committees as well as receive a reduced  rate for any ALGBTICO sponsored workshops.

To join ALGBICO, you can select our division membership when you join OCA, or renew your OCA membership.  ALGBTICO yearly membership dues is $10.00 (USD).   See the link below for more information.

  1. Go to the home page of the OCA website.
  2. Click on "Join OCA here" on the left hand side.
  3. On the application page, under “OCA Division Membership”, check the box for ALGBTICO.
  4. Enjoy your membership and stay infomred on what is happening in Ohio!

Already an OCA Member and wish to add ALGBTICO as a divisional membership? Email the OCA Executive Director by clicking here.

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You can review the ALGBTICO bylaws by clicking below:

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Why join?

10 Reasons to Join ALGBTICO


  1. Annual “Agent of Change” Conference (CEU’s Offered!): ALGBTICO rotates an annual conference related to LGBTQ best practices and new research each year in a different part of the state. This allows for ALGBTICO to provide information to professionals that may not have otherwise been able to have access. Look to the spring of each year for our “Agent of Change” workshop to see if it’s in your area. 
  2. Regional Resources (Updated annually!): Each year, ALGBTICO corroborates with several regional organizations to provide better access to services for the LGBTQ populations we serve around the state. By coordinating with organizations like suicide prevention coalitions and equality organizations, ALGBTICO is able to create and refine a professional resource list that can be printed from our website and provided for professional counselors to have access to friendly organizations that can assist their clients that identify as LGBTQ. If you have questions or want more information about either contributing or being listed on the resource list, please contact us directly at our website:
  3. Access to ALGBTIC National Resources: ALGBTICO takes pride in being a branch of the Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling of Ohio. This allows us to disseminate information being developed at a national level and provide our members innovative ways to become involved that align with our mission statement and purpose. 
  4. Access to Professional & Clinical Connections: Becoming a member of ALGBTICO provides unique ways to meet and become involved with different counselors across the state. Our organization not only provides social media, (such as our Facebook page), but also connection to regional representatives that can get in touch with different professional counselors that may be helpful for expanding your counselor expertise or for consultation opportunities. 
  5. Specific Trainings related to LGBTQ information: ALGBTICO board and regional representatives are always looking for opportunities to connect with institutions, organizations, and agencies that request specific trainings related to LGBTQ areas. If you are unable to make our annual conference, contact us directly through our regional representatives to set up something for your organization.  
  6. Professional Leadership Service Opportunities (Great for Mentorship!): Have a passion for these areas and interested in serving as a member of the board or as a regional representative? Become a board member of ALGBTICO and help influence current ALGBTICO functions and assist in improving access to LGBTQ resources in your area. 
  7. Social Justice Opportunities: While ALGBTICO is unable to take a definitive position on different political policies, ALGBTICO’s mission statement and purpose allows the organization to “identify develop, implement, and foster counselor-related charitable, scientific, and educational programs that further human growth and development.” LGBTQ initiatives and social justice events that fall within this realm can be helpful for organizations, clinicians, or clients who are interested in pursuing these functions in their area. 
  8. Connection to like-minded individuals: Have ideas for cultivating partnerships, yet not feel up to shouldering all the responsibility to organize them? In ALGBTICO, you have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done. This allows support and encouragement from individuals across the state to assist you with providing services for LGBTQ populations across the state. 
  9. Essay Scholarship Competition to AOCC (Look for future competitions!): ALGBTICO wants to assist you with attending the All Ohio Counseling Conference! When applicable, the board can assist a predermined number of students/clinicians with their registration fees by having potential applicants submit an essay response to a topic developed by the board related to a LGBTQ specific topic. Look for future contests to come to your area before AOCC! 
  10. Education Committee (Coming Soon!): ALGBTICO will soon be able to offer an extensive bibliography of resources for professional counselors working with LGBTQ populations on our website. The resources will range from specific journal articles, movies, educational worksheets, programs, and workshops that are a perfect compliment to any affirmative counselor toolkit. Several topics will be provided from specific population needs to specific areas of interest such as LGBTQ Parenthood, Coming Out, HIV:AIDS, Parents & Families of LGBTQ, Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ Community, and Homelessness: Poverty to name a few.